Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nelie is 5 today!!!

Nelie is 5 today! Its really a bitter-sweet day because time doesnt stop or back up. I will be a mess come Aug. when she goes to big school. Man where does the time go? Im sure time will really fly by now. Nelie I love you and you will always be my baby girl. Happy Birthday!!! We love you to the moon and back....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes,Im a slacker and Im sorry!!!

Poor baby Jenna fell on some stepping stones outside their house and bruised her little noise up. Me and Audrey took her to the ER last night to make sure it wasnt broken and thank God it wasnt!

The church had GA and RA recognition wednesday night. Levi got lots of badges and awards.
We are very proud of you Levi and love you very much...

The 2nd graders had an end of the year prom. It was too cute. I couldnt believe Levi danced but my mom said they take after me because when I was little I always danced and would sing with the broom handle or a brush. HAHA

I was sad Levis last day because we had a really good teacher and a really good year. This year flew by and it was also sad because our boy is growing up.


The childrens choir at our church put on their program Sunday night. They did a really good job.

Levi is in the middle with his cool cat shades!

Friday, May 8, 2009

2 Birthdays and little Jenna!

Well today is my dad and Kens moms birthday,so Happy Birthday to you both. We love you.
As you can see Nelie thinks her papaw hung the moon...I do too!!! Levi and Ken are at an Ra camp out at Lake Lowndes so he didnt get to see papaw. Im sure he will be mad tomorrow when Ms.Nelies mouth tells we went on over. I hope they have fun. I sent bug spray and all but the kitchen sink I think. Im just not one for sleeping in a tent for one and its just to humid for me.

Happy Birthday Nana!

Jenna got to stay with nanny today because her sitter had somewhere to be . That baby was so sweet. Nanny gave her a good bath when we got home and I fixed her hair up. I thought she was cute. She normally takes out whatever you put in but she didn't today. She kept telling me " nanny I piddy(pretty)". She talks a lot now. She loves her uncle Ken to. The minute he pulled up she ran to the door for him. She called Weby(Levi) all day til he got home from school. Her and Nene(Nelie) played really good today.

I fixed her a baby turkey sandwich for lunch and she was tearing it up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please Pray for Jenna-Beth and Audrey!!!

Jenna didn't feel real good Sunday. When they took Hannah back home she got sick and it has continued for 4 days now. My poor sister started yesterday with it as well. I took Popsicles and Ginger Al by and hung it on the door. Jenna got worse so my sister managed to take her to the doctor. I don't know how she managed but she did and they put her in the hospital. She was severally dehydrated. They stuck my poor baby 10 times trying to get the IV started. I had to go see her this morning.Please Pray for them both a speedy recovery...... Just got off the phone with my sister and Jennas IV was pooring blood so they had to take it out. They are now waiting on the doctor because she still has diarrhea and she told them this morning she would be staying another night for sure.

Poor baby saw her nanny come in and tried to get off the bed.

I brought her this little ducky.

Doesn't she look pitiful...

Hope everyone had a happy Easter.

Well the Easter Bunny did come...

We all took family pictures after sunrise service.
My Family...

Audreys Family...

Mom,Dad,and Murray(bro.)...

Mom and Dad with their kids...

Mom and Dad with grandkids...

After church Kens mom and dad came over before we went to my parents for Easter...

I like this picture of my kiddos at my parents...

Hannah and Nelie racing to get eggs...

Levi found the secret hidden spot...

Poor Jenna didn't feel to good but she tried to have fun...

I wonder what they are talking about.
Jenna looks real interested.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lots and Lots to post!!!

This is a picture frame I made out of an old window. Thanks Lu and Katie!

The kids with their Valentines.
Jenna and her Nanny.
This is the day I came home from the hospital. The surgery went GREAT! When I woke up in recovery I thought that my meds had worn off and they were about to cut on me. Just as Im about to say something the nurse says "your in recovery, are you in any pain" What recovery... No pain! I couldn't believe it. It was wonderful. Later that day I got up and walked and honestly I was just a little sore. When we got home the next day Diana had sent me these Beautiful flowers! I want to Thank everyone for everything during my surgery and recovery. Thanks for the Prayers,calls,cards,food,flowers and visits. I really appreciate it all! I didn't get a picture of this little stuffed monkey that sings that Nelie and Levi got me or the flowered oil set my sister got but I like them both.

Shilo brought supper one night and these beautiful lillies.
This was our little Ms snow! Ken made the kids a small snowman.
They were ready for Church but had to take mommys car cause daddys truck was covered.
Nelies actual birthday March 2nd. She spent the day in bed with mommy. She was a good nurse.

During spring break we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese . My cuz Nikki and her little boy Blake came to. As you can tell from the picture Jenna didnt care to much for Chuck E. She really didnt feel good though. While all the kids played she slept.

Nelie,Hannah,Blake,and Levi.

These girls love each other so much.

Poor baby sleeping while the others are playing.
Blake and Levi riding the monster truck.

Another day during spring break Levi went to work with Ken and Audrey brought Jenna and Hannah to play. Check out Jennas hair...

Big cheez!
Mathew,Levi and Brandon with their RA cars. Levi was sooo excited. He won 1st place in his age group and 3rd overall. Way to go Levi!!!

This is a lizard the kids have been watching on our swing out back. It kept blowing its throat out and Nelie said "momma get me some of that red gum so I can blow a red bubble."

Levi had to decorate an egg to be a character from a story they have read in class. He did A Case Of The Stripes. It turned out cute.

This was last night. I watched Jenna so my sister could go to Bonko. She thinks she is big on the stairs so I put the gate up a few steps and she played for an hour on the 2 steps. She is saying CHEEZ!

Nelie is cheering and Jennas just layed on the steps.